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Luke 9:22 A.D. TV series: The Bible continues … in prime time

Today’s post was written by and shared with permission from Rusty Wright. ——— Hollywood’s Bible Power Couple is back – with a flourish – this time on prime-time network television. They really take this spiritual stuff seriously. In 2012, my … Continue reading

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John 11:25 Heaven is for Real, movie claims

Today’s post was written by and used with permission from Rusty Wright. ——— The kid says he sat in Jesus’ lap. In heaven. And that angels sang Sunday School songs. He asked them to sing “We Will, We Will Rock … Continue reading

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John 13:34-35 Will they know we are Christians?

I just had a visit from the Jehovah’s Witnesses. (You know if you’re nice to them once, they keep coming back, but if they talk to me they have to listen to me too.) Today’s topic of conversation was The … Continue reading

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John 8:32 The Truth Will Set You Free

I’ve spent a lot of time on university campuses, three campuses as a student and one as faculty. Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of talk about truth. Generally speaking, the consensus is that truth is individual—what is true … Continue reading

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John 15:12-14 True Love

I walked into the grocery store yesterday morning, but unlike the many people looking at the large variety of flower arrangements just inside the door, I was there to buy food. When I got to the check-out, there were two … Continue reading

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John 8:31-32 Freedom!

We have just celebrated the birthdays of two great countries that share a border and consider themselves to be not only neighbours, but friends. Canada Day (July 1) and the Fourth of July (America’s Independence Day) often elicit thoughts of … Continue reading

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John 1:14

Today’s verse continues the theme in my last post (January 5, 2011) from John 1:1, where we learned that Jesus was referred to as the Word.  After John 1:14, John no longer uses the term Word to refer to Christ, … Continue reading

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