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Matthew 25:14-30 New Football Movie: Character trumps winning

Today’s post was written by and used with permission from Rusty Wright. ——— Could a football coach who teaches his players that character trumps winning…win games? Consistently? It’s happened – and quite dramatically – inspiring the film When the Game … Continue reading

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I Peter 3:15 Overcoming The Fear

In my post of May 28, 2014, I discussed I Peter 3:13-14, with the conclusion that we should not be afraid of those who would persecute us. I had said that persecution could take varied forms, from verbal to physical … Continue reading

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Mark 9:43-48 Choices and Consequences

What kind of personality do you think Jesus had while He was on Earth? It is interesting to see the way that people portray Him in movies and such. Sometimes I think they make Him out to be more one-dimensional … Continue reading

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Mark 10:1-9 The Vow

As I was writing Wednesday’s post, I thought of The Vow. The movie opened last week. I have not seen it, so this is neither a review nor a recommendation. I am, however, familiar with the story behind it, the … Continue reading

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John 15:12-14 True Love

I walked into the grocery store yesterday morning, but unlike the many people looking at the large variety of flower arrangements just inside the door, I was there to buy food. When I got to the check-out, there were two … Continue reading

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Luke 14:26 Love or Hate?

What does Jesus mean by the word hate? It seems so harsh. Isn’t Jesus supposed to be all about love? A few of my Twitter friends and I have been reading Luke (#thebookofluke) this month, and one of them asked … Continue reading

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Psalm 91 Under His Wings

A few days ago, a friend shared a photo on Facebook that I thought represented Psalm 91:4 beautifully. I shared it on the Memos From God Facebook page. I particularly like that verse in the New International Version: He will … Continue reading

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Joshua 1:9 Courageous Movie Portrays a Different Kind of Courage

Today’s post, written by Meg Korpi and Rusty Wright, is a review of the movie Courageous. Sherwood Pictures presents films with a message, and their message always has the goal of making us better people. Do your best to see … Continue reading

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Galatians 5:15-21 With a little help from our Friend

Can you imagine what a wonderful world it would be if we all followed the two commandments found in Matthew 22:37-40? If everyone’s goal was to please God, and to help each other, the conflict in this world would be … Continue reading

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Psalm 86:11-13

Sometimes we do things we regret.  That was certainly the case for David before he wrote Psalm 86.  In II Samuel 11 we read about David’s regrets…mistakes…sins—adultery, deception and conspiracy to murder.  That’s a lot to feel bad about.  So, … Continue reading

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