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II Corinthians 5:17 An Easter Bunny – and an Easter Story – Worth Remembering

Today’s post was written by Rusty Wright. ——— You’ve probably seen Santa Claus; but have you ever seen the Easter Bunny? As a small child, I enjoyed visiting Santa at a local department store at Christmastime. My parents would take … Continue reading

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Luke 18:27 The Impossible Can Be Possible

Today’s post was written by Ann Mainse. ——— THE MIRACLE OF LIFE In the decade of the 60′s little was known about the secret life of the unborn child. Once conception had occurred, the child lived in its own separate … Continue reading

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Psalm 19:1-2 *The Sky Is Not The Limit—A Tribute to Commander Chris Hadfield

It’s an old expression that I used to hear quite frequently when I was younger: “The sky’s the limit.” In other words, you can do anything; there is no limit. From our perspective standing on the Earth, the sky seems … Continue reading

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I Timothy 4:12 Let Your Character Speak For Itself

Have you heard of Jack Andraka? Jack is currently doing research that will make testing for certain kinds of cancer, particularly pancreatic cancer, simpler, faster, less expensive, and perhaps most importantly, more accurate. He has sent proposals to hundreds of … Continue reading

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