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I Can Only Imagine movie: Abuse, anger, redemption

Today’s post was written by and used with permission from Rusty Wright ——— I cannot imagine perceiving my father as a monster. Bart Millard saw his father as a monster and more. My dad was warm, gracious, fun, affirming, friendly, … Continue reading

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Tell Her You Love Her

Long-time readers of this blog will know that Rusty Wright has contributed many articles to it over the years. Some have been co-written by his wife Meg Korpi. I was very sad to learn that Meg has passed away after … Continue reading

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I Peter 3:15-16 Be Ready

In my post of June 19, 2014, I began to look at I Peter 3:15, for insight into how to respond to the persecution we receive because of our faith. Depending where we are in the world, and who is … Continue reading

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Psalm 127:3 Moms’ Night Out movie: Laughs, plus hope for frazzled moms

Today’s post was written by and used with permission from Rusty Wright. ——— Want laughs, plus a way to tell a mother she’s loved? Take her to see Moms’ Night Out, opening Mother’s Day weekend. When I visited this film’s … Continue reading

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Hebrews 10:25 Church. What’s the point?

This morning one of my Facebook friends posted an article that prompted quite an interesting discussion. It was on the topic of why people are leaving the church. The author listed her reasons for leaving the church, but I’m sure … Continue reading

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II Timothy 1:7 Fearless

Some of you don’t like confrontation. Rather than stand up to someone and tell them that you disagree with them, or that they are overstepping their boundaries, you allow other people to have their way, and sometimes to step all … Continue reading

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I Thessalonians 5:18 Thanks For Everything!

How often have you said this to someone? If a friend has helped you out in multiple ways, you may, instead of listing each kindness, say, “Thanks for everything!” You appreciate all of the goodness. In the United States, tomorrow … Continue reading

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Matthew 18:15-17 Steps to Restoration

My very first job as a teacher was in a Christian school. Although I had gone to church all my life, it wasn’t my first inclination to deal with disagreements in a Biblical manner. So when one of the other … Continue reading

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Matthew 5:25-26 Why Not?

In last week’s post, I said that living at peace with the people around you—loving your neighbour—is more important to God than other acts of service or worship. But, what if your “neighbour” is really annoying? What if your neighbour … Continue reading

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Matthew 5:23-24 How To Please God

I’ve said for decades that communication is a wonderful thing. So many misunderstandings can happen because people do not communicate their thoughts and feelings. I’ve also learned over the years that many misunderstandings happen when people communicate as well. Words … Continue reading

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